It is our aim to provide an environment where the children feel valued and appreciated.

Our Reception welcomes all children from 4 years of age. Children who enter the reception at age 4 are already developing a longer attention span, they are finding that problem solving is a challenge rather than a frustration, they initiate conversation and enjoy poems and stories, they are becoming familiar with phonic sounds and the alphabet and so their interest in familiar letters is broadening. They are developing logical reasoning skills and they are able to sort and classify objects. They are familiar with numbers 1-20 and understand the concept of more and less. Therefore their developmental skills are vastly different to that of infants. Our reception program recognises these developmental differences and supports each child through specific age appropriate activities and scaffolding, which means the child is challenged and extended beyond what he or she already knows but within his or her ability level. We understand that all children develop at different rates both socially and educationally therefore it is our aim to provide an environment where all children feel valued and appreciated.

Preschool hours a from 08:00 – 16:30 (Full day). Mornings and Afternoon options are possible.


Three Bears
English School for Kids
Lilienthalstraße 15a
85399 Hallbergmoos
T: (0811) 99 97 89 06

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