Three Bears offers a variety of afternoon activities to help encourage your child to learn English as a second language.

All afternoon groups work through a two hour cycle using different Montessori materials. These materials support your child's ability to concentrate due to the freedoms offered within the Montessori environment, these are freedom of choice and freedom of movement. Because your child has chosen his or her own activity and is able to do this activity where he/she feels most comfortable, he/she is more likely to concentrate on it and begin to build the foundations for learning.

Monday - Sensorial Activities - These activities enable young children to develop and refine their sensory perception and refinement of fine motor skills which will later support skills needed for writing.

Tuesday - Numeracy and Arithmetic Activities - If your child is interested in numbers this is an excellent way for him or her to extend their knowledge and understanding of numbers into the thousands.

Wednesday - Literacy - This is an excellent way for young children, from 3 years and older, to learn English as a second language. The literacy materials provide your child with pre writing skills, phonic awareness and sentence building. Because of the freedoms within the classroom each child will choose which ever activity interests them on the day, making learning much more interesting.

Thursday - Knowledge and Understanding of the world - This curriculum area deals with Time, Space, Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, Structures of the Earth, Science experiments, Biology, Classification, Life Cycles and much more...Children interested in the natural world will enjoy these activities immensely.


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